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Player:Doctor West
Character:Takimine Aki
Race:Hanshin    Age:11  Gender:Female

Shrine:Anmori   Shrine Type:Dark
Kami:Sakurahime Shinki:3 Fame:2



  • Mind:6
  • Tech:4
  • Body:7
  • Spirit:4

HP: 44/44

SP: 24/24

TP: 1/10

Physical Attack/Defense: 9/2

Jutsu Attack/Defense: 0/6


Common Skils Stat Level Total
Power Body 7
Brawl Body 7
Resist Body 1 8
Education Mind 1 7
Endurance Mind 4 10
Perception Mind 1 7
Movement Tech 4
Dexterity Tech 4
Throwing Tech 4
Stealth Tech 4
Sex Choice 7

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Hand to Hand Body 6 13
Kami's Power Spirit 2 6
Support Tech 1 5
General combat stats
Physical Hit 3d6+13(Discard one)
Physical Damage 2d6+17
Dodge 3d6+15(Discard one)
Defense 4
Jutsu Hit N/A
Jutsu Damage N/A
Jutsu Resist 3d6+11(Discard one)
Jutsu Defense 6
Initiative 8


Right hand:Fuda-lined glove (One-handed weapon, Attack +2, Upgraded once.)

Left hand:Fuda-lined glove (Shield, Evade+1.)

Armor:Miko clothes (Light armor, Defense +2, Evade+1. Upgraded twice.)


Salve x2



Current Experience:16

Experience Used:60


The young child of the summer kami enshrined in Minamori Shrine, Natsu, and a visiting priest in training, Takimine Mikiya. (See Natsu Kagura). Small of build with white hair and brown eyes, her most notable feature is her dog ears and tail, which she normally conceals under a hat and in her clothes when in public. Although she's lived as peaceful of a life as her parents could give her, having grown up in Minamori she's witnessed many battles against youkai. She herself has no combat experience, but has taught herself a fair bit of her fathers spiritually enhanced martial arts by spying on his training.

She generally doesn't speak more than necessary, but is far from emotionless. In fact, she's very affectionate and gets attached to people easily. Slightly overconfident in her own strength, she dislikes being underestimated or treated as useless.

Due to portents of an upcoming dangerous battle, along with her twin brother Shuu she was sent to Anmori Shrine to stay with Sakurahime, a minor acquaintance of her aunt Otowa Youko.