Humanoid: Ok Beast: Ok Female(Futa): Ok (Loli:) Want
Tentacles: Want Insects: Want Multiple: Want Other: I'm flexible too~

Player: Suzune
Character: Minami Yuriko
Race: Human       Age: 13/18  Gender:Female

Shrine: Anmori no Jinja    Shrine Type: Dark
Kami: Sakurahime      Shinki: 5 Fame: 3

Mind: 5
Tech: 7+1
Body: 4
Spirit: 4

HP: 27
SP: 19
TP: 0/7

Physical Attack/Defense: 6/4
Jutsu Attack/Defense: 0/5

  • Quick reference guide (all 3d6es are drop-1)
Physical Hit 2d6+4
Physical Damage 2d6+4
Ranged Physical hit 3d6+11
Ranged Physical damage 2d6+11
Dodge 3d6+9
Ninjitsu Dodge 3d6+9
Chamber arts 0
Jutsu Hit 3d6+5
Jutsu damage 2d6+1
Jutsu Resist 3d6+7
Jutsu Defense 6
Defense 5
Initiative 9


Common Skils Stat Level Total
Power Body 0 4
Brawl Body 0 4
Resist Body 0 4
Education Mind 0 5
Endurance Mind 2 7
Perception Mind 0 5
Movement Tech 1 9
Dexterity Tech 0 8
Throwing Tech 0 8
Stealth Tech 0 8
Sex Tech 0 8

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Shooting Tech 3 11
Ninjutsu Tech 1 9
Youjutsu Spirit 1 6
Chamber Arts Choice 1 9

Right hand: Breakloader Shotgun (Ranged Weapon: Upgrade 2, +3 damage)
Left hand: Barrel Reinforcement (Shield: +1 Defense)
Armor: School Outfit (Light Armor: Upgrade 1, +1 Evade, +1 Jutsu Defense)


Kon: 1
Current Experience: 7
Experience Used: 10

Motivating connection (A bond between close siblings, lending their energy to one another in times of need. A twin may spend a main action to transfer HP or SP to the other when in the same space.)

Inseparable Bond (If one twin reaches 0 hp or sp, the other twin acts as if at 0 hp or hp as well. This twin may be carried away or raped as if she were at 0 hp.)
■Other information/Notes

13 Year Old Form


18 Year Old Form