Humanoid: Ok Beast: Want Female(Futa): Ok (Loli:) Want
Tentacles: Want Insects: Want Multiple: Want Other: I'm pretty flexible.

Player: Jemm
Character: Ayashi Rin
Race: Human       Age:14  Gender:female

Shrine: Anmori no Jinja    Shrine Type: Dark
Kami: Sakurahime      Shinki: 4 Fame: 3

Mind: 4
Tech: 7+1
Body: 3
Spirit: 6

HP: 28 [10 + (Body + Level) x 3 + Resist skill]
SP: 29 [(Spirit + Level) x 3 + Highest Jutsu skill]
TP: 0/7 [Mind + Level]

Physical Attack/Defense: 2/6
Jutsu Attack/Defense: 4/5

  • Quick reference guide
Physical Range Hit 3d6+10(-1d)
Physical Range Damage 2d6+5
Dodge 3d6+9(-1d)
Defense 7
Jutsu Hit(Kagura) 3d6+10(-1d)
Jutsu Hit(Youjutsu) 3d6+7(-1d)
Jutsu Damage(Kagura) 2d6+7
Jutsu Resist(Kagura) 3d6+10(-1 vs other jutsu, -1d)
Jutsu Defense 6
Initiative 11
Support damage (3d6+12)/10 + 3


Common Skils Stat Level Total
Power Body 0 3
Brawl Body 0 3
Resist Body 0 3
Education Mind 0 4
Endurance Mind 1 5
Perception Mind 0 4
Movement Tech 1 9
Dexterity Tech 0 8
Throwing Tech 2 10
Stealth Tech 0 8
Sex Body 0 3

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Support Tech 5 13
Kagura Tech 2 10
Youjutsu Spirit 1 7

Right hand: Weighted steel fan (15) [Jutsu damage +1]
Left hand: steel blades (3) [damage +1]
Armor: Miko outfit (7) [defense +1, jutsu defense +1]

Nostrum x0 (0)

Kon: 16
Current Experience: 13
Experience Used: 30


Fertile (Rin is very easy to impregnate)

Glass heart (Unable to fully get over her past, she constantly worries, has nightmares, and is frightened of youkai. Still, she is slowly improving with her new friends. +1 TP gained)

??? (Rin is haunted by something)

■Other information/Notes
A lithe young girl standing at 142 cm. Her amber colored eyes give off a golden glow as the light bounces off of her irises. Her light blonde hair is vibrant and healthy, tied in two twin tails which hang down to her slim shoulders. Her petite body curves in slight but aesthetically pleasing ways. Her chest is smooth and flat, and her skin is slightly pale and soft. Her legs are long, with a pleasent to touch texture, her thighs curving tenderly down to her knees. Between her thighs is smooth and hairless. She generally wears clothes over her petite form, often favoring skirts, though she is often found in her miko outfit.

Rin stayed with her older sister Rei at a shrine. It was a small shrine located in the outer limits of a town in a hilly area. Since it was so out of the way, not very many visitors came. Still, this is where Rin grew up with her older sister Rei. The shrine was a coexistance shrine dedicated to protection and boundries. The shrine served as a wall preventing the violent youkai from getting closer to the city. This was a nuisance to the youkai, and because of its small size, the shrine was overrun. Rin and Rei were raped by the youkai, and only Rin managed to escape. Rin was saved by Sakurahime when she found her way to the Anmori no Jinja shrine 4 years ago. Rin does not know what became of her sister, never hearing more news about her old shrine other than it being destroyed. Rin recently decided to become a miko of the Anmori shrine even though the events of her past have left her mind in a fragile state. She made the decision when she was finally able to forget her past and look to the future, though she still can't help but think about her sister sometimes.

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