Besides Sakurahime herself one of the people living the longest at Anmori and serves as the landlady of the dormitory, generally handling most things Sakurahime finds boring. Although she is much more serious than Sakurahime, Akane can also be very playful and flirtatious.
From outward appearance, most people would put her age in the range of 20-25, and she will generally take offense to being treated like a middle-aged woman (which may or may not involve teasing), instead preferring to be seen as an older sister. As such, she always has time to listen to the younger boarders, and will generally attempt to cheer up those that are depressed (at times from behind the scenes and usually while avoiding to appear prying). She usually encourages people to act on their feelings, believing that love is one of the most important things in life (even if the lovers will be forced apart soon afterwards, or their love breaks taboos).
Her favourite weapon is the bow, although she rarely leaves the shrine grounds.
She has a 16 year old son.
Appearance: Relatively tall, long black hair.