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Player:Doctor West
Character:Shizen Momoka(李桃香)
Race:Human    Age:16  Gender:Female

Shrine:Shizen   Shrine Type:Annihilationist
Kami:Minorigami Shinki:2 Fame:3


  • Mind:4
  • Tech:8
  • Body:3
  • Spirit:6

HP: 31/31

SP: 31/31

TP: 0/8

Physical Attack/Defense: 10/2

Jutsu Attack/Defense: 4/2


Common Skils Stat Level Total
Power Body 3
Brawl Body 3
Resist Body 3
Education Mind 4
Endurance Mind 1 5
Perception Mind 4
Movement Tech 2 10
Dexterity Tech 1 9
Throwing Tech 8
Stealth Tech 1 9
Sex Choice 8

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Shooting Tech 6 14
Prayer Spirit 4 10
General combat stats
Physical Hit 3d6+14(Discard one)
Physical Damage 2d6+21
Dodge 3d6+10 (Discard one_
Defense 4
Jutsu Hit 3d6+10 (Discard one)
Jutsu Damage 2d6+8
Jutsu Resist (vs Prayer) 3d6+10
Jutsu Resist (vs Other) 3d6+9
Jutsu Defense 4
Initiative 11


Right hand:Spirit Bow (Two-handed weapon, attack +5, initiative -1, ranged, 2 upgrades)

Left hand:

Armor:Miko clothes (Jutsu armor, def +2, jutsu def +2, 2 upgrades)


Spare fuda x5



Current Experience:75

Experience Used:60


The older twin sister of Shizen Hikaru. Although 16 years old, she stands at a diminutive 120 cm (~4 feet) and is flat chested, causing her to often be mistaken for much younger.. a fact that she resents. Usually in uniform, either school or miko. Cheerful and energetic to a fault, she sometimes gives the impression of not being too bright, and often slacks off from chores and school. Conversely, she's remarkably serious about her archery practice, and a remarkably good shot because of it. Also a member of the archery club in school, she's been asked several times to appear in national tournaments, but turns it down every time.

Despite belonging to an annihilationist shrine, she shares her father and sister's beliefs that not all youkai need to be foes, although she is initially wary of hanyou and the like. Frequently seen accompanying Hikaru as a messenger to Anmori and on missions, although she claims to be dedicated to her duty, the truth of the matter is that she worries about her sisters reckless tactics and feels she needs to watch her back.

Has a severe complex about her appearance and reacts strongly when mistaken for a child, or when her status as the older sister is met with disbelief, usually by kicking the offending party in the shins. Relatedly, she has a slightly odd obsession with milk, perhaps because someone gave her the idea she'll grow if she gets enough calcium.