Player: Dark

Character name: Yui Innesbrooke

Race: Human Age:16 Gender: Futa

Level: 2

Shrine: Anmori Shrine Shrine Type: Dark Kami: Sakurahime  Shinki: 3 Fame: 2


Body: 4

Tech: 5

Mind: 7

Spirit: 4

HP: 25

SP: 15

TP: 0/8

Physical attack: 5

Physical defence: 2

Jutsu attack: 3

Jutsu defence: 4



Quick reference:Edit

Context Roll Damage/reduction
Reaver attack 3d6+6 2d6+13
Physical defence 3d6+7 2
Brawl 2d6+4 2d6+4
Jutsu Defence 2d6+7 4
Jutsu Defence(Reaver spirit cleave, costs 5sp) 3d6+6 4
Initiative 6 5 with Reaver drawn


Common skill Level Stat Roll
Power 0 Body 2d6+4
Brawl 0 Body 2d6+4
Resist 0 Body 2d6+4
Education 3 Mind 3d6+10
Endurance 0 Mind 2d6+7
Perception 1 Mind 3d6+8
Movement 0 Tech 2d6+5
Dexterity 0 Tech 2d6+5
Throwing 0 Tech 2d6+5
Stealth 1 Tech 2d6+6
Sex 0 CHOICE 2d6+?

Special skill Level Stat Roll
Weapon arts 2 TECH 3d6+7


Embedded: 'Reaver' 2 Handed Yougu blade( +3 damage, 10 Kon)

Wearing: Schoolgirl outfit (+1 evasion, 3 Kon)


Kon: 17


Spent experience: 0


Yui stands at roughly five foot tall and is a cute bespectacled girl with subdued half japanese features, blue eyes and neat brown hair. Typically she'll be seen either in school uniforms or dressed for comfort or warmth in casual wear.

Yui Innesbrooke personality wise is frequently somewhat shy and a tad geeky enjoying computers, games and most things of that nature.

History wise Yui is a child of an old money family of British Aristocracy on her father's side and a Japanese immigrant on her mothers side. From her mother she learned Japanese and got the opportunity to be an exchange student in Sugiyama, an extremely distant relative meaning that Yui was given lodging at the Anmori shrine.

From her father's bloodline she inherited some extra 'equipment', the Reaver and the obligation to be a demonslayer. It appears that one girl per generation is a Futa in the Innesbrooke family and will inherit the Reaver when the current wielder dies. There is no other way to pass the blade on so Yui reluctantly and somewhat grudgingly took up the blade to kill werewolves and other western monstrousities until the time came for her promised three years as an exchange student. Those three years have now begun, however life in Japan, Sugiyama and Anmori will prove perhaps stranger than the perils and tribulations of her homeland.

Yougu Reaver:Edit

Stats: 20 YP spent, modified to 17 by nature. (2 unspent)

Nature: Embedded coexisting Yougu(left palm,max distance 12 meters)


Sinister power level 4

Power to slice away


The reaver is a centuries old weapon forged of dark steel. Its thick double edged blade is a bit over a meter long and counter balanced by a heavy pommel and long handle which provides space for two hands though interesting the crossguard is nearly nonexistent. Along the length of the blade are inscribed jagged runes of ancient Norse.