Name: Nakayama Rya
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 10"
Hair color: pink
Eye color: yellow

Student Profile(stats)

Origin: Student(Sports)
Physical Trait: Beauty that draws attention
Personality: Fire
Very slightly sensitive. Aggressive when sensitive. slightly quick to temper. Otherwise calm,
friendly, sociable, and studious. Can be blunt sometimes. Likes to meet other people.

Body 4
Speed 4
Wisdom 3+1
Magic 1

HP: 32
MP: 4+1
CP: 0+3
IV: 7+1
SP: 0

Chest AP: 16
Waist AP: 18
Other AP: 0

Magic and Talents
Attacker[Passive] Cost: -
-An odd interest in weapons has granted a +1 to weapon power and +1 to trap breakthrough tests

Avoid[Defense] Cost: 3(2 with cheerleader outfit)
-Quickness and athletics from being on the cheerleading team has given Rya the ability to avoid damage with siftness, able to reduce damage by her speed(4).

Sway[Defense] Cost: 3(6 if attacker's initiative is higher)
-Flexibility and tuned reflexes allow Rya to swerve away from blows. This reduces damage by half rounded down (to a max of 20 damage reduction.)

Top Speed[Opening] Cost: 2
-Preparing herself for a burst of speed, Rya gains improved evasic capabilities and the speed to capitalize on opportunities. Gives +speed(4) to initiative, +1 to the effects of avoid, and +2 to trap breakthrough tests.

Overwrite red[Interrupt] Cost: 5
-Though usually friendly, Rya has a firey temper at times, and is able to channel this attitude problem to literally set things on fire. She has a hard time manipulating through the defensive auras of others, so she generally reserves this to setting her or other's attacks on fire instead. Rya adds +Wisdom(4) to the damage of an attack and converts its element to fire. She may also gain +2 to trap breakthrough tests instead.

'Hidden Potential'(Crisis Abilities)
Potential[Special] Cost: Choice CP
-Rya is a talented student, born with traits that suite an adventurer. Her raw potential hides within her, ready to be unleashed. a number of dice equal to the chosen CP expenditure may be added to the next roll. This can also increase the damage reduction of Guarding, Avoid, and Block.

Royal Law[Special] Cost: 3 CP
-Aggrivation, annoyance, and a burning temper have gathered inside Rya's heart. In a powerful burst she unleashes it, setting the surroundings in an illusory blaze. The environment turns red and the air wavers as if heat is rising through it. In this environment Rya is the one in control, and all nonsense will cease. Rya receives +2 to all her stats that her spells use, +6 to her initiative, gains +4 max mp, and recovers 4 mp. The bonuses remain for the duration of the scene.

Items and Belongings
Miasma: 0/100

Name Cost Chest AP Waist AP Other AP Description
Cheerleader Outfit 50 16 12 - <Avoid> costs 2 MP instead of 3. +1d6 to trap breakthrough tests.
Silver Chastity Belt 15 - 6 - Start the session with 1 CP.
'leka Laces 5 - - - You can get 2 Monster Seals at once. You gain 1 CP at session start when you have this item. Cursed shoe laces, their origins have something to do with a cheerleader.
White Locket 20 - - - Gives +1 Wisdom. Without any family ties, Rya has her favorite gradeschool teacher's picture inside.
Heirloom Ring 5 - - - Gives +1 CP and +1 SP at session start. This ring is shaped like an old cult relic. It's the only thing Rya has of her family, but it feels kind of cursed.
Lucky Coin 5 - - - Only once, you can use a defensive Passive magic even though your opponent used <Crush>, <Bypassing Attack>, or <Corruption Attack>. +2 to that Defensive magic's effect. (You can use this for the defense bonus even if your opponent isn't using <Crush> or similar.) A shiny Rya found on the street. She keeps it for good luck.

Secrets(Crisis Acts)

Quick List:

Hairless 1 0
Proof of Chastity 3 2
Anal Virgin 2 2
Secret Flower 1 0
Panty Removal 1 1
Wet Shirt 1 0
Soft Naked Body 1 0
Soiled Body 1 0
A Virgin's Idea of Sex 1 1
Clumsy Action 1 1
Name CP SP Requirements Activation Description
Hairless 1 0 Can't have at the same time as <Shaving>, 20 SP or less Waist AP 0
Proof of Chastity 3 2 Virgin, Disposable HP damage
Anal Virgin 2 2 Disposable HP damage
Secret Flower 1 0 Wearing a skirt None
Panty Removal 1 1 Wearing a skirt AP damage to waist
Wet Shirt 1 0 None None
Soft Naked Skin 1 0 14 SP or less Chest AP 0, lower body AP 0
Soiled Body 1 0 None HP/AP damage
A Virgin's Idea of Sex 1 1 Virginity in both holes None
Clumsy Actions 1 1 14 SP or less None

Description and Information



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