Player: Suzune
Character: Tachibana Yuki
Race: Human   Age: 16 Gender: Female
Level: 4

Shrine: Shizen Shrine Shrine Type: Annihilationist
Kami: Minorigami  Shinki: 4 Fame: 3


Humanoid:OK Beast:OK Female(Futa):OK (Loli:)OK
Tentacles:WANT Insects:WANT Multiple:WANT

Other: Bizarre stuff! Fleshy rape chambers (or similar sexy-eating/envelopment stuff, even slime), parasitism or egg-laying, impossible penetrations if feasible (Like all the way through or the like), and other stuff like limited torture etc are okay too, just ask~ [copied~]

Mind: 5
Tech: 2+1
Body: 6
Spirit: 8

HP: 35
SP: 34
TP: 0/8

Physical Attack/Defense: 4/4
Jutsu Attack/Defense: 5/4

■Quick reference guide
3d6 rolls are drop lowest

Physical Hit (Hand To Hand) 3d6+9
Physical Damage 2d6+9
Dodge 3d6+9
Defense 5
Jutsu Hit (Youjutsu) 3d6+10
Jutsu Hit (Prayer) 3d6+12
Jutsu Hit (Onmyoujutsu) 3d6+10
Jutsu Damage (Youjutsu) 2d6+9
Jutsu Damage (Prayer) 2d6+11
Jutsu Damage (Onmyoujutsu) 2d6+9
Jutsu Resist (Youjutsu) 3d6+10
Jutsu Resist (Prayer) 3d6+12
Jutsu Resist (Onmyoujutsu) 3d6+10
Jutsu Resist (Endurance) 2d6+5
Jutsu Defense 6
Initiative 7


Common Skills Stat Level Total
Power Body 0 6
Brawl Body 0 6
Resist Body 1 7
Education Mind 0 5
Endurance Mind 0 5
Perception Mind 0 5
Movement Tech 1 5
Dexterity Tech 0 4
Throwing Tech 0 4
Stealth Tech 0 4
Sex Choice 1 9

Specialist Skills Stat Level Total
Onmyoujutsu Spirit 2 10
Prayer Spirit 4 12
Youjutsu Spirit 2 10
Hand To Hand Body 3 9

Right hand: Talisman Bracelet [Jutsu Weapon: Upgrade 1, +2 JDam]
Left hand: Knuckle-Duster [Melee Weapon: Upgrade 1, +2 Dam]
Armor: Miko Outfit [Jutsu Armor: Upgrade 1, +1 Defense, +2 Jutsu Defense]


8 Spare Ofuda

Shielded Glove [Shield, +1 Ev] (unequipped!)

Kon: 6
Current Experience: 3
Experience Used: 66

Demerit: Dark Charisma (1)

■Description/Bio (The desc is a little bare. Sorta in a rush.)

Wears glasses, has a mild, athletic build. Shortish light-pink hair (used to be platinum blonde before the transformation). Despite her origin, has a relatively decent bosom, and nice figure. When not wearing a miko uniform, tends towards overly casual clothes, pants and tees and the like. Somewhat easy to tell that she's only half-Japanese from certain visual cues, as well.

Originally just a seemingly normal boy living in the city, but something about him was charming to youkai, in spite of being male... so one night, was attacked by a particularly powerful and amused youkai, who laid a curse on him that used his own dreams as a form of attack - he was in actuality transsexual, mentally, and the youkai could use that to manifest those dreams into a physical reality... and then proceed to use her new 'status' to go about raping her to get his fill. The youkai was chased off by people from the Shizen shrine, and after recovering, and in the middle of putting... now-her life together again, Yuki agreed to become a miko for the shrine, in part out of a feeling of indebtedness for saving her from the youkai and thus being free to enjoy what parts of her curse were not so... terrible. Of course, the problem was, that it only made that 'charmingness' worse...