Humanoid: Want Beast: Want Female(Futa): Want (Loli:) Want

Tentacles: Want Insects: Want Multiple: Want Other: Probably

Player: Kagome

Character: Mikan

Race: Hanyou       

Age: 22   Gender: Female

Level: 3

Shrine:Anmori no Jinja  Shrine Type: Dark Shinto

Kami: Sakurahime    Shinki: 6 Fame: 5





Spirit: 9

Weakness(1) (Dogs)

HP: [10 + (Body + Level) x 3 + Resist skill] 34

SP:[(Spirit + Level) x 3 + Highest Jutsu skill] 40

TP: 0/[Mind + Level] 8

Physical Attack/Defense: 0/5

Jutsu Attack/Defense: 9/3


Commmon Skills Level Total
Power (Body): 0 5
Brawl (Body): 0 5
Resist (Body): 0 5
Education (Mind): 0 5
Endurance (Mind): 0 5
Perception (Mind): 1 6
Movement (Tech): 0 3
Dexterity (Tech): 0 3
Throwing (Tech): 0 3
Stealth (Tech): 0 3
Sex (Choice): 1 10

Special Skills Level Total
Support (Tech): 4 7
Prayer (Spirit): 4 13
Youmajutsu (Spirit): 1 10


Right hand: Justu Weapon +3 damage on jutsu (small wooden mallet with the kanji for love written on it and two Shide hang from it) Upgraded Once

Left hand:

Armor: Jutsu Armor +1 def +1 j.Def (Miko Robes)

●Items 1 ofuda

■Other Kon: 7

Current Experience:16

Experience Used:30

Quick Guide
Brawl Hit 2d6+5
Brawl Damage 2d6+0
Dodge 3d6+3 (throw one dice away)
Support 3d6+6 (throw one dice away)
Prayer Hit 3d6+13 (throw one dice away)
Prayer dmg 2d6+16
Youmajutsu Hit 3d6+10 (throw one dice away)
Youmajutsu dmg 2d6+13
Jutsu Resist 3d6+13 (vs Prayer) 3d6+12 (vs other)(throw one dice away)
Jutsu Defense 4
Defense 6
Initiative 6

■Other information/Notes


Mikan was abandoned in a park almost as soon as she was born, it was a gloomy rainy day as the water seemed to fall in sheet and surely no newborn would survive the night being left out in a basket on a park bench. Whether it was luck or fate a traveling human miko named Rei found the new born on the park bench and took her as her own. From that day forward the two have always been on the move and since she could walk she has always remembered the road as her home with her mother by her side as the traveled from one town to the next. She also has a healthy appetite for sake which she picked up from her mother and considerers it a holy drink that could save the world, or so she says. Mikan hate dog with a passion and has an extreme fear of them, usually because they have a bad habit of chasing her usually into a tree were she gets stuck for sometime until someone shoos away the dog or until they finally get bored. It was inevitable that it happened but finally Mikan's mother was no longer around to travel with her, she found a nice husband and settled down but Mikan just didn't feel right sitting still so she kept traveling until one day when she was chased by unusually aggressive dogs into a tree and was cornered there for three days in rain until finally someone saved her. She was taken to Anmori no Jinja and was taken care of until she recovered and decided to pay the shrine back by working as a miko.


Mikan has orange hair along with two furred cat ears and a tail of the same color, the end of her tail is white colored instead of orange though. She has bright blue eyes and a mature face, her chest is a pleasant 27.9 cm that usually finds her the attention of looks of envy and lust. She stands at 5'8and is very proud of her toned athletic body from all her walking. She hide her ears with a red beret that was given to her by her mother and her tail underneath her miko robes so as not to startle anyone not familiar with her kind. Her tail is unusually sensitive and the base is a hidden erogenous zone making her try to hide it extra hard so no one will try to grab her.

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