The city-state of Estvale encompasses much of the Second Shelf Namina River area, and has borders that extend beyond the immediate urban boundaries. You are based here. Estvale is ruled by a council of elven elders, always 5 in number to prevent ties in their debates and votes.

Elder AlennaEdit

Alenna is the youngest - if you can even say that properly - of Estvale's elders, and thus also one of the most approachable. Personable, beautiful, and forthright, Alenna is the forward-looking member of the Estvale Council. She used to be an adventurer, though it's uncertain what she did as one at times.

Elder VirienEdit

Virien, by contrast, is the oldest of Estvale's elders, and actually shows his impressive age. He's predictably consersvative and insular, but yet at the same time is a very revered figure because he's one of the few people old enough to have lived during the time of empire (Of which there are a number left, but Virien by far is one of the eldest. He's already considered venerable and has been for some time). As such, his idea of conservative is sometimes actually progressive, for he has in the past maintained old Imperial ways such as a working sewer system or a centralized magic academy.

Elder MosvenEdit

Mosven is a stolid old wizard, and it's pretty obvious to those around him. He prefers magic over civil work, but nonetheless considers himself duty-bound to further Estvale's development. Because of this preference, he spends more time at the Estvale magic academy than in the Hall of Elders.

Elder MiriEdit

Miri is the other female Elder of Estvale. Older than Alenna by a good few decades, Miri is also the council's consultant on matters divine. She's a Providentialist, but works with the others to ensure the welfare of upstanding Court followers as well (and to pursue those who support evil Courtiers). Her code is that of the Blue Serenity, which means that she advocates peace and the defense thereof when possible.

Elder GeldarinEdit

Geldarin is the final Elder of Estvale, and is the one most actually involved in day-to-day work. It is he who manages the treasury, who contracts out new construction (when possible)... and more importantly, is in charge of military affairs for lack of anyone else pragmatic and interested enough both to do it. Geldarin also is their contact with the Deep Wardens, and while the multiracial nature of that group sometimes bothers him, he more than anyone knows the importance of remaining in contact with them.

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