Partners: [Tentacles:WANT] [Slime:WANT] [Bestiality:YES] [Insects:YES] [Plants:WANT] [Machines:YES][Humanoids:YES] [Women:WANT] [Futanari:WANT] [Men:YES]
Statuses/Body: [Aphrodesiac:WANT] [Milk:YES] [Toys:WANT] [Urination:MAYBE] [Defecation:MAYBE] [(Becoming) Futanari:YES] [Eggs:WANT] [Pregnancy:YES] [Training Seals:MAYBE]
Anything else?: I also like vore-like scenarios that involve tentacle rape (like being raped by an inner chamber of some creature, being sucked into a wall and violated, etc). Furthermore, if you come up with something unusual, let me know about it because I might be interested!


Player: Suzune

Name: Matsuoka Ayako
Age: 12

Traits: Student (Culture)/Water/Extraordinarily short

Strength: 2 Speed: 1 Wisdom: 4 Magic: 6
HP: 26/26 MP: 9 IV: 5
CP: 0 SP: 0 Corruption: 0
AP: 12/12 Chest | 12/12 Waist | 0 Other

Magic: <Blizzard Wave> <Magic Rune> <Magic Sense> <Shield> [<Mind Seeker>]
Attack Configurations:
<Blizzard Wave> 3MP/2d6+15 Ice (allows for up to 2 castings of Shield)
<Blizzard Wave>+<Magic Rune> 5MP/3d6+15 Ice (allows for up to 1 casting of Shield)
<Shield> 3MP/9 defense, Defensive Action

Crisis Abilities:
- <Potential> Any amount of CP, add +CPd6 to a test.
- <Grand Extension> 2 CP, can target anything with a Sorcery attack.

0/100 Miasma
Mana Spring (+1 MP) [5* Miasma]
Staff (2d6, +2 to Sorcery, +2 to Shield/Barrier Sphere) [20 Miasma]
Robe of All Creation (+4 to Ice Sorcery Attacks) [40 Miasma]
Pure-White Gloves (+2 to Ice Sorcery Attacks) [10 Miasma]
White Amulet (+1 to Strength) [20 Miasma]
Ancient Pyroxene (+3d6 HP) [5 Miasma]

Crisis Acts: 10

<Tiny Breasts> | 1 | 0 | None | Chest AP 0
<Oral Rape> | 1 | 1 | 20 sP or less | AP/HP Damage
<Proof of Chastity> | 3 | 2 | Virgin, Disposable | HP damage
<Anal Virgin> | 2 | 2 | Disposable | HP damage
<Purity Becomes Naivete> | 2 | 2 | SP 0-only, Disposable | None
<Piercing Gaze> | 1 | 1 | None | None
<Masturbate> | 2 | 2 | None | Use [Support] action
<Clumsy Actions> | 1 | 1 | 14 SP or less | None
<Lay Eggs> | 2 | 1 | None | Use [Support] action while in [Eggs] status
<Inflation> | 1 | 2 | None | HP Damage


Appearance: A little girl with longish (for her size, which isn't very large at all) black hair and a mild complexion. She doesn't stand very tall at all, and is basically flat as a board, and actually is getting to be /just/ old enough to be a bit bothered by that. Still, she has cute looks and wears little glasses to go with her school uniform or simple shirt and skirt.

In Nalia, though, Ayako wears a set of blue magical robes that aren't particularly heavy, and still has her glasses on.

History: Not too much to say here. Ayako had a normal life, but her parents were pretty poor. She was approached by a classmate from a different squad and recruited with promises of living better, and she decided, despite being told (as some recruiters are obligated to) that the monsters can do bad things to her, that she needed to help mom and dad, so she signed up, naive to just how bad those things can get.