Name: Kotodama Seihime
Race: Human
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Height: 161cm
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue


Occupation: Sister (+1/0/+1/+2) [Iron Will]
Physical Trait: Appears Foreign (+1/+1/0/+1)
Personality Trait: Light (0/0/+1/+2)

Body: 2
Speed: 1 +1 (2)
Wisdom: 2
Magic: 5

HP: 26
MP: 6 +2 (8/8)
CP: 0
IV: 4
SP: 0 -1 Corruption

Chest AP: 10
Waist AP: 4
Other AP: 4

Magic and TalentsEdit

Basic Spells
Spell Name Usage Test-type MP Range Target Effect
[Iron Will] Passive None - No Self You may reduce your roll on the Mortal Wounds chart by -1.
[Prismic Missile] Active Sorcery 3 Yes Single Conduct a 2d6+Magic damage Sorcery attack.

A spell that attacks with raw magical energy, its color varies from person to person.

[Mind Seeker] Passive None - No Self Gain +1 MP.
You may purchase 1 (and only 1) Mana Spring for 5 Miasma.
Mana Springs attained this way do not count towards your maximum.
[Barrier Sphere] Defense Sorcery 5 Yes Choice Reduce damage taken by your Magic stat.
If this spell is used against [Multi Attack] or similar multiple-stage attacks, a single use reduces damage from each attack individually.
[Holy Bind] Open None 3 Yes Single Conduct a resisted test between your Speed or Magic against the target characters Wisdom.
If successful, the target suffers the [Bind] ailment for this turn.
If used on a target that suffered [Bind] last turn, the spell takes effect without a roll.

Crisis AbilitiesEdit

Crisis Abilities
CA Name Usage Test-type CP Range Target Effect
[Potential] Special Choice Choice No Self

May be used in conjunction with other CA and Spells.
Expend any amount of CP and add (CP spent)d6 to the next roll.
As a special case, one can also increase the damage reduction of [Guard], [Avoid], and [Block].

A CA that brings out your latent power in the face of danger.

[Resurrection] Special None 5 No Self

Can be declared at any time, and used without expending an action.
Can only be used once per scenario.

Fully recover your own HP and MP, and revive from a defeated state.
Take note that your AP do not recover.

A CA that brings about a miraculous resurrection from the will to never give up in the face of despair.

Items and BelongingsEdit

Miasma: 0/100


Weapon Name Cost Range Test-type Damage Special Effects
Protective Garment 10 No Melee 2d6 +2 to the effect of <Shield> and <Barrier Sphere>.

Armour and Accessories
Armour Name Cost Chest AP Waist AP Other AP Special Effects
Sister's Robe 30 10 4 - Corruption -1. (This affects the conditions needed to own a Miasmic Furnace). Comfortable robes typically worn by the various kinds of priests and shrine maidens of the goddess. The long skirt it has looks delicate due to the slit incorporated into it.
Heavenly Veil 20 - - 4 You cannot take damage to chest or waist AP until this armor's other AP is gone. All statuses have no effect until this armor's AP is gone. (Even Pregnant, Trauma, and Nymphomania are blocked.). Also, this armor even blocks the HP/AP-based special effects of Succubus Mail and Slit of Corruption.

Name Cost Effect
Font of Magic 5 +1 MP. You can buy an amount of this item equal to Magic+2.
Golden Rosary 20 Choose one stat. That stat is now +1. This affects derived stats like HP, MP, and IV as well. You may only possess one "Amulet" item at a time.

Tools and ModificationsEdit

Name Cost Effect
Ancient Pyroxene 5 Can be used at any time, and is not consumed. Recover 3d6 HP, but you cannot be revived. A mysterious stone that can heal a Maiden that holds it.
Fragment of Aromatic Wood 5 Can be used at any time, and is not consumed. Recover 6 MP. A mysterious piece of fragrant wood whose aroma refreshes the mind.
Blessed Water 5 Can be used at any time, and is not consumed. Cancel any 1 of the Aphrodesiac, Call of Nature, or Toys statuses that you're suffering from.

Crisis ActsEdit

Bertha's Crisis Acts
Name CP SP Prerequisite Combat Use
<First Kiss> 1 2 One Use AP/HP Damage
<Oral Rape> 1 1 SP ≦20 AP/HP Damage
<Between the Breasts> 1 1 None Chest AP/HP Damage
 If you have 30 or more SP, increase CP from this act by +1.
<Proof of Chastity> 3 2 Virgin, One Use HP Damage
<Cum Injection> 2 1 None HP Damage
 Make a judgement of difficulty 10 with any ability score. On failure, gain the [Pregnant] status.
<Anal Virgin> 2 2 One Use HP Damage
<Soft Naked Skin> 1 0 SP ≦14 Chest/Waist AP Damage
<Dirtied Symbol> 1 0 None AP/HP Damage
<Forced Orgasm> 3 2 None HP Damage
 Make a judgement of difficulty 15 with any ability score. If you fail, lose 5 HP.
<Purity Becomes Naivete> 2 2 SP 0-only, One Use None



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