Visal description: A ball of blackish, grey tentacles, bundled and tangled together, levitating through the air. There appear to be multiple mouths and dark clouds seem to emit from the core of the bundle.

Body 6 HP 85 DR: 0 armor, 10 energy absorb
Mind 4 EP 55 Element: Energy
Soul 7 SV

DCV 5 (X2 defenses)

Quick reference:
Melee attack 2d6+6, 26 damage, -1 dodge for defender (Energy)
Dark shot 2d6+7, 23 damage, vampiric, Range 2, cost: 5 EP (Energy)
Dark Leech, 2d6+6, 11 damage, Requires grapple, Drain HP, Incurable 1 (Energy)
Melee dodge 2d6+7
Ranged dodge 2d6+7
Absorbs 10 energy damage
12 tentacles causes -1 penalty to resist grapple per tentacle, up to -6.
It sees in infrared up to 100 meters
It flies at 30 kph

Melee attack L. 1
Melee defence L. 2
Ranged defense L. 2
Ranged attack L. 2
Tough L. 4
Damage absorption L. 2 (Energy)
Extra arms L. 5
Extra defenses L. 2
Flight L. 2
Supersense L. 2 (infrared)

Achilles heel L.1 (Double damage from lightning attacks)

Weapon L. 4 "Dark lash" Flexible 1 (Energy)
Weapon L. 3 "Dark shot" Range 2, vampiric 3, deplete 1/2 (Energy)
Weapon L. 1 "Dark Leech" Requires grapple, vampiric 3, Incurable 1 (Energy)

Additional information:

Voidlings live in hives. They generally drag victims back to the hive and keep them there for breeding. The young feed on the victim like leeches but the adult Voidlings take care to keep the victim alive for further breeding. Breeding takes place at satellite hives. Young are generally moved to the main hive. Voidlings can sense heat, so hiding from a voidling can prove difficult. They are a bit clumsy with their tentacles, but have no trouble latching on to people, so care should be taken when closing on a voidling. Voidlings are most adept at ranged combat. Injuries caused by a voidlings leach attack cannot be healed by magic or potions, so it is important to be cautious.

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