Monster CodexEdit

Name Element/Type HP EP Description
Beast Titan none/Humanoid Feral 115 ~50 A large muscular humanoid with red skin and horns
Eye of the Void(Minor) None/Tentacle 110 ~50 Floating, flat eyeball with 6 tentacles
Gnoll Beast None/Furred Feral ~75 ~50 Humanoid with dog features.
???Wolf ???/Animal 75 ~50 Horned, black, wolf
Slith Striker None/Reptile ~75 ~50 pirhana headed snake creature
Voidling Energy/Tentacle 85 55 A ball of blackish, grey tentacles
Volt Worm Lightning/Worm ~50 ~50 A yellow, sparking worm
Wolf Beast None/Furred Feral ~75 ~50 Humanoid wolfman

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