Name: Juri
Age: 13
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Pink
Height: 4'11"
Gender: Female

Body - 2
Mind - 6
Soul - 7
Attack combat value - 5
Defense combat value - 5
damage multiplier - 5
HP: 45/45
EP: 65/65 (100/100)
SV: 9

Quick Reference

Bow Attack 2d6+8
Bow Damage 23
Knife Attack 2d6+7
Knife Damage 0 currently
Melee Dodge 2d6+5
Knife Melee Dodge 2d6+6
Range Dodge 2d6+6
Armor 0
Forcefield 0
Total Protection 0

Talents and Natural ability (35 points)

Features: Cute Lvl 2 (2 point)
Attack Combat Mastery Lvl 2 (20 points)
Ranged Attack (Bow) Lvl 1 (3 points)
Ranged Defense Lvl 1 (Personal) (3 points)
Melee Defense Lvl 1 (Knife) (3 points)
Extended Range Lvl 1 (2 points)
Blind Shooting Lvl 1 (2 points)

Spells (14 points)

Minor Healing Spirit|Healing|cost:1 point|EP:10/round
-Summons a minor healing spirit. It can be directed to heal 1 person a turn for 20 hp. It may not heal the same person twice. Resummoning resets this limit.
Minor healing spirit:
Body: 1 HP: 40
Mind: 3 EP: 50
Soul: 6 DCV(Defense Combat Value): 3

Healing Burst|Healing|cost:13 points|EP:25
-Heals all targets within 3 Meters around the caster as well as the caster for 40 hp. The same target may not be healed for more then 40 hp per day.


Acrobatics Lvl 3 (Flexibility) (9 points) [Body]
Artisan Lvl 3 (Bowyer/fletcher) (9 points) [Body+Soul/2]
Controlled Breathing Lvl 3 (Playing dead) (3 points) [Body or Soul]
Cultural arts Lvl 3 (Rare object appraisal) (3 points) [Mind]
Etiquette Lvl 2 (Middle Class) (4 points) [Mind]
Medical Lvl 3 (Surgery) (9 points) [Mind, sometimes Body]
Occult Lvl 2 (Healing) (6 points) [Mind]
Stealth Lvl 2 (Concealment) (6 points) [Body, sometimes Mind]
Sex Lvl 1 (Male, Female, extra point) (2 points) [Any]


Short bow(generic) | damage 15 | 200 Shells
Has a range of 20 meters and a maximum range of 100 meters

Catalyst Bracelet | +25 EP can be used on spells | 250 Shells

50 Shells

0 Fame



a young girl adventurer. She is pretty well known among adventurers. She always lends a helping hand to anyone she comes across. She is very kind, but also shy. Lately she has gotten more and more sickly, but she continues to adventure. She is particularly known for her skills in healing magic and medicine. Not much else is known about her or her condition, other than she comes from a far away land.


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