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The Aencipe region contains a wide area of lush forests, flowing rivers, and lakes. The extent of the forest saves the region from excessive flooding that would otherwise be caused by the frequent rainfall. The Aencipe region is named after the primary town, Aencipe, located at the bend of the most prominent river, Nu. Curiously, Aencipe is located near the border of the region.
Aencipe has three bridges, East, South, and West. No path lays to the North, instead an untamed thick forest looms in the direction, holding yet unexplored territory. While fishing and trade are the main trades of Aencipe, the influx of adventurers and explorers have brought many talented in weapon and armor making to Aencipe, as well as a variety of crafters specializing in adventuring gear. Recently the citizens of Aencipe made an exciting discovery in the center of town. A group of citizens uncovered the entrance to an underground ruins of some kind. The place was filled with dangerous creatures and eventually led to a vast underground forest. Adventurers now gather to explore the new area while the guards of Aencipe work to keep the monsters away from the town.
All newcomers to Aencipe are greeted by the gentle flowing sound of the sparkling blue river that surrounds the city, a fresh forest breeze blowing through the streets while the sun shines down on its rooftops. Each adventurer in Aencipe needs to register with the city exploration administration. Perhaps today you will find yourself scribbling your name down on paper, seeking some kind of fame or fortune.

Adventurer's innEdit

This Inn can be found at the Northeast corner of Aencipe. The inn actually rests on top of floats, on the water sufrace. This inn has the capacity to house around 1000 people, contains a dining room, bar, and a storage system. The entrance to the inn leads straight to the dining room, so all adventuring business is done at the bar for now. Plans for a reception desk close to the door are being made in order to separate tasks and responsibilities. A large board board is behind the bar table, listing a variety of requests that adventurers can take. Requests range from personal requests to official exploration mandates. For convenience, the inn has agreements with the local city authority to pass along information and relics, so all important tasks are turned in at the inn. An explorer's licence and a task are required before a person can legally go out exploring. All tasks posted at the inn are reviewed and approved by city authority, which sometimes results in extra scouting information for the task.

The dining room of the inn is filled with organized round tables, each with 4 chairs. There are booth seats along the corners and sides of the room which seat more. The Northwest corner of the dining room holds stairs leading up, which lead to the housing halls. The North end of the dining room contains the bar. The bar doubles as the place to turn in requests. In order to take a request, an explorer must ask the bartender for one. Past the stairs is a door leading into a back room. This backroom is a private dining room which has seats like the regular dining room. The booths in this private room are different, however, and are enclosed, ensuring more discreet privacy.

The housing halls hold doors to rooms where people sleep. Each room has a bed, storage chest, clothing dresser, mirror, 1 window, a storage closet, and a bathroom. Each bed is cushioned and has blankets and sheets supplied. The windows are not open-able.

The Quest Board

Weapon shopEdit

The weapon shop "Dragon's Edge." The shop is more of a tent, and often isn't enclosed. It is found on the East side of Aencipe on the docks. The anvil and furnace are behind the setup counter, where the store owner generally works on her merchandise. The barrels of swords and other weapons make up the "walls" of the shop. Daggers are kept on small racks on the front side of the counter. The floor is the wooden docks themselves. Despite the furnace, it always seems to be cold in this shop.

Dragon's Edge Inventory

Armor shopEdit

This shop is an indoors shop, unlike the Dragon's Edge. The inside contains a pine floor with a shiny finish, and pine walls. There are shelves which contain helmets, and many armor stands. Armor and shields are also hanging on the walls. Everything is nice, neat, and organized. There is a large green banner with gold trims on the wall behind the counter, the emblem of a falcon emblazened on it in gold. The counter is covered in a green cloth with gold trim as well. The falcon and the colors are of the noble house Weldrice.

Royal Armory's inventory

Alchemist shopEdit

The first thing one might notice when walking inside of this enclosed tent is the various glass kegs of colored mysterious liquid on a curved red dresser in the back. The liquid seems to bubble and glow. There are a few vials around that look like they contain the same liquid, also bubbling. The carpet covers the entire ground and is a reddish-magenta color with large butterfly-like patterns. Along the wall of the tent, near where the dresser is, a line of vines crawl upward and over the cieling, white roses occasionally budding along the plants.

Fae Deluge's inventory

Magic mallEdit

Magic mall stores

Character listEdit


Name Player Template Race Gender Description
Ciella Rindis Jemm Arcanist Human Female Blue hair, Blue eyes, spell knight.
Lilenna Ren Jemm Chaneller Human Female long, light pink twintails, aquamarine eyes. Luck mage and tamer.
Juri Jemm Chaneller Human Female Young, fraile, healing archer. Short pink hair, pink eyes. Flower hairpin.
Daria Adelle Suzune Grimoire Mage Human Female Brown chest-length hair, blue eyes, blue silk robes, monocle and beret, scholarly mage.
Arienne Darkwater Kagarus Adventurer Human Female Long blond hair, blue eyes, knight with a strong sense of justice.
Elia Doraguille marz Adventurer Half-Elf Female Shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes, pointed ears, swordswoman.
Alena Valmenti marz Chaneller Human Female Long, light-purple hair, dark blue eyes. Adventuring princess.
Sabaris Aeraveil marz Arcanist Dark Elf Female Shoulder-length dark blue hair, dark skin. General-turned-fugitive Aeraveil sister.
Tamomo Nioa marz Grimoire Mage Neko Female Fun-loving cat-mage. Purple hair, blue eyes.
Rain Ashi Wanderer Human Female Silver-haired blue-eyed thief with a penitent for Archeology.
Mihoshi Kitori Kagome Adventurer Neko Female Spunky Catgirl looking for fun,adventure, and friends.
Siuri Tempest Dark Adventurer Harpy Female Unconventional Harpy who wants to be known as a knight rather than a monster.


Name Location Age Race Gender Description
Relli Avi Aencipe - "Adventurer's Inn" 22 Bunny Female Very long, light pink hair, pink eyes. Wears black china dress. Bunny ears.
Sierra Nicene Aencipe - "Dragon's Edge" (Weapon shop) 19 Mostly human Female Long, flowing blonde hair with a braid tied loosely around it. Blue eyes. Emits cold temperature.
Runa Ispin Aencipe - "Fae Deluge" (Alchemist shop) 16 Human Female Long, orange colored hair. Green eyes. Wears a cape and coif of dark purple color. Friend of the fae.
Korin Weldrice Aencipe - "Royal Armory" 20 Human Male Short, black hair. Green eyes. Wears blue silk or decorated armor. Noble.
Lot Ronin Aencipe - Magic mall 18 Human Male Wavy brown hair down to shoulders. Blue eyes. Rogueish sort.
Socia Twang Aencipe - "Adventurer's Inn" 16 Human Female Blonde hair with ribbons. Red eyes. Irritable, loud, and angry.
Kaera Nato Aencipe - "Adventurer's Inn" 19 Kitsune Female Long shimmering brown hair. Violet eyes. Fox ears and tail. Flirty and seductive.
Rode Nato Aencipe - "Adventurer's Inn" 19 Kitsune Male Short brown hair. Violet eyes. Brown fox ears and tail. Friendly, outgoing, gallant.

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Relic Database
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Fame leaderboardEdit

# Name Total Fame

Relic Discovery leaderboardEdit

# Name Total Relics Found

Successful quests leaderboardEdit

# Name Quests Complete
1 Arienne Darkwater 1
2 Daria Adelle 1
3 Elia Doraguille 1
4 Mihoshi Kitori 1
5 "Rain" 1

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# Name Misfortunes(#)

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Known languagesEdit

Cipen/Human The civilized language. The human language.
Hybrid The language many demihumans share (bunny, wolves, birds)
Cat The language of cat people. A romantic language.
Elf The language of the elves. A romantic language.
Orc The language of the orcs. A brutish intimidating language.
Lizard Language of various lizard tribes.
Old Cipen The noble language and origin of Cipen.
Siren The language of the Siren races (Sirens, Harpies, Mermaids, etc.)

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